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Case study / Demicon

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About Demicon

DEMICON is an IT specialist that has won several awards and supports companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with holistic, innovative IT solutions in their digital transformation.

The task

The Engine started working with DEMICON at the end of spring 2020.  At the time there was little marketing culture; in fact, and as with many B2B companies, marketing was driven by sales, ad-hoc with no long-term brand-building goals and how to tackle the reseller positioning.

The approach

We started by rebranding them (de-branding) by simplifying their brand structure and restructuring their approach to Account Based Marketing. We got them to stop focusing on features, and instead worked with  benefits focused messages and the company’s history.

On the sales side, we looked at how they worked with lead generation and how they qualified for their opportunities. We supported  the full integration of Hubspot from marketing to sales and even the CMS, including design of the website as a part of their re-brand.

For lead qualification, we use B2B Analytics tools such as Leadfeeder; we connect that to Hubspot using automated information injection from lead forms to Hubspot, populated with Leadfeeder data. Strategic focus on ABM in marketing.

The results

While The Engine cannot claim all of the stated results as ours, we can clearly see the development and impact of the work we have done for them. Supported by the right marketing strategy and internal alignment, DEMICON has grown from just over 40 people to 150.

Year-on-Year*, relevant companies visiting their website have grown by 93%. To qualify, we have also seen that the time spent and pages viewed have gone up equally or 380.3%, and the bounce rate has gone down 59.7%. To top this up, their key accounts have grown through clever ABM tactics by hundreds of percentages.

All valid signs of successful cooperation and internal alignment.


Google Ads
Google Display & Video 360
Lead Feeder

The Goals:

    • Build and maintain lists of target audiences
    • Compliment with ePR and Always On
    • Remarketing activities to keep Demicon Top of Mind



Hired staff members


Relevant Company Visits to Website


Increase in Page Views


Lower Bounce Rate

And there is more

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