Paid Social Media Advertising

Utilising a Paid Social strategy on various social media platforms is great for attracting new customers, promoting your product or service, and growing your online reputation while reaching your target audience. Before The Engine creates a Paid Social strategy, our experts define the target audience, set goals and create a comprehensive plan that makes sense for your business.

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How social media advertising can benefit your business

We have a team of experts working on content creation for Paid Social Media Advertising. We work with our clients to find the precise social media marketing mix, define key performance indicators, and set goals for success.

The Engine creates social media content, including design, concept and copywriting, and management. We convey the message for each campaign and create relevant content, including audio, photography, infographics or video.

In-Depth Social Media Advertising Services

Social media, for companies, is an essential tool to reach a large number of potential clients within various market segments and niche areas. The Engine can help your business reach your target audience on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, among others.

Boost Your Social Media Presence

One of the best aspects of social media marketing is that it delivers enormous benefits for companies, including boosting your brand awareness online.

Our experts create content for social media platforms to promote your products or services, drive traffic to your business and build a community with your target audience. As new platforms continue to emerge, social media marketing is constantly evolving, and our experts are on top of it. We can execute effective campaigns and help build your audience on a variety of platforms.

Reach New Potential Customers

The Engine creates social media strategies that promote your brand online, interact with clients and get in front of the screens of potential customers before your competitors.

Increase Social Media Engagement

As your brand ambassador, our experts supervise your social media pages to ensure they engage with your target customers. Our community managers provide quick directions to contributors on various social media platforms, and should a crisis arise, we step in for effective and professional crisis management.

See Your ROI Increase

Social media advertising focuses on optimising your campaign performance on multiple platforms to increase your ROI and grow your online business. Get in touch to see how The Engine can help your business grow.

We work with multiple social media marketing platforms

Working with The Engine allows businesses to avoid costly mistakes, employing performance-driven Paid Social campaigns from day one. When done right, advertising on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok presents businesses with an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness and drive additional revenue.


As one of the best venues to increase brand awareness, Facebook ads have earned their place as traffic generators and sales drivers. Facebook ads campaigns can be inexpensive and hyper-targeted, but when done incorrectly, they drive a lot of cost and inefficiency. The Engine has over a decade of experience working with businesses ranging from small local car rentals to airlines.


Since 2015, Instagram ads have been intertwined with Facebook ads; businesses can run ad campaigns on both social media platforms simultaneously and adjust according to the set objectives. Instagram ads include: Instagram stories, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, reel ads, shopping ads.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for reaching a professional audience and an essential channel for B2B activities. Not only are LinkedIn members influential, but they also have two times the buying power of the average web crowd. On LinkedIn, advertisers can run campaigns around clearly defined goals, such as brand awareness, lead generation, and engagement.


Since TikTok opened up the platform for ads in 2019, they have been steadily growing. The United States and Europe have led the way, and The Engine is an official partner with TikTok for the Nordic region.

TikTok users are generally a younger demographic, with 50% of users under the age of 35, making it the perfect social media platform to reach a younger audience. As always, we set clear objectives and goals in advance for the use of the platform.


Video is an extremely powerful medium, and promoting your business on YouTube can be effective due to its unrivalled traffic. YouTube is among the fastest-growing platforms and the second most visited site in the world after Google. Since its launch, YouTube accounts for nearly 2 billion monthly active users globally. In many ways, there‘s no better way to diversify your traffic sources than YouTube Marketing. The Engine creates and executes a plan to get your business in front of your target audience on YouTube.


Snapchat Ads are an ideal way to reach younger demographics. Data suggests that Snapchat reaches 75% of Millennials and Generation Zers, so if they are in your target audience, Snapchat Ads is a strategy you might want to consider. The Engines helps businesses reach untapped audiences, create compelling content, and get the best out of their Snapchat ads.

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