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Case study / Lanullva

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About Lanullva

LANULLVA was started by Brit Vinje Lyngstad in 1994. She is a trained garment technician with a passion for wool and textiles. Brit gave the breathable wool underwear the name LANULLVA®. An abbreviation for lanolin, wool and warmth.

The original and award-winning knitting method has been taken care of throughout to give you good warmth. Regardless of the weather, season and activity. 

The task

Lanullva is a wool product company in North West Norway, founded by wife Brit Vinje Lyngstad and her husband Eilif in 1994, when she invented a new knitting method with the result of increasing the insulation of the wool by 30%.

The approach

We know that sales activation is great in the short term, but we also knew that in order for Lanullva to grow as a brand we had to create lasting relationships between Lanullva and its target audience. That’s why we built brand activation into our strategy as well and when we started to use DV360 and Social Media more.

We didn’t only test a new media mix in Q4 2020 but we also redesigned the whole brand (launched in October), optimised the shopping experience (September) and helped them optimise their feed quality which had a positive impact on their Google Shopping campaigns. This change allowed us to move from focusing purely on performance and invest more in brand visibility and brand activation.


The results were successful enough for us to get buy-in from management to develop an always-on strategy where we cater to both sales activation and brand activation.

For Lanullva we were honoured to receive the Global Marketing Awards 2021  – Global B2C Campaign – Silver and the European Search Awards 2021- Best PPC in Fashion.


Google Ads
Google Display & Video 360

The Goals:

Our mission was to create more awareness, grow new customer acquisition numbers and ultimately build a bigger customer base. For Lanullva we identified Key Performance Indicators. 

The ultimate goal was to be able to show a 50% increase in new customer sales year-on-year and knowing that non-brand campaigns do not always generate new business we made the overall increase in non-brand sales even more ambitious, or +150% year-on-year.

That said, while scaling was our north star, we had to do it within a reasonable cost limit and make sure that we approached it in a smart way. Lanullva had never defined cost ratios before as a marketing metric so we started with a simple calculation (total revenue – total operations cost = X, X/total revenue = %cost ratio)



Cost Ratio


Non Brand Sales


New Customers

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